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Mito3D is a multidisciplinary site dedicated to 3D printing. We have designed Mito3D around the idea of creating a 3D Printing Community for people who want to search, save and print 3D objects, check reviews and specifications of 3D printers or become a 3D Service provider or 3D freelancer. Mito3D is a place where you can offer your services and share your skills. The better the services you provide the most you can earn your income thanks to 3D printing!

Founded in 2020, Mito3D wants to provide users around the world a new way to search 3D print models, printers and freelancers in 7 different languages. In order to hold and share this information, we have structured our website on the main sections presented below:


3D Models

Mito3D is a search engine with more than 5 Million 3D models, objects and designs focused on 3D printing. Everyday, our crawler engine finds new 3D models to print on more than 30 different websites. We continuously add more websites to our database to increase our reach and present you with new models every day. In addition, Mito3D provides additional features to our users that allow them to create their own 3D printlists and share their print details of each printed object. We are continuously adding more features and possibilities to enhance your 3D printing experience.

3D Printers

Mito3D is the biggest website to find 3D printer specifications and reviews. We hold the details of more than 300 3D printers. We also provide the user with a powerful comparison tool that helps you put 3D printers side to side in order to make an informed decision. In Mito3D you will also be able to find multiple reviews including videos.

3D Services

This section in Mito3D aims to be the biggest one. We have created a 3D Services marketplace where service providers specialised in 3D printing related services can put their skills to work and make a living out of it. We have always wanted to give credit to the users that make this community possible and we think this is the best way of doing so.

Our users will be able to share their information and skills on their profile. This will allow other users to contact them through our website and hire them for their services. Visitors will be able to filter by service type, country and city in order to find the best service providers depending on their needs!


We are a team of enthusiastic engineers that love 3D printing. The directors of Mito3D and main investors:

Jaime Maestre (CEO & Founder). MSc Mechanical Engineering & MSc Motorsport Engineering

Jaime has worked for multinational companies like Jaguar Land Rover and EFI Cretraprint acquiring high knowledge on 3D modelling and programming. Jaime's programming experience has lead the creation of a web crawler that was the starting point of Mito3D. As a designer, Jaime appreciates the effort of 3D print designers and wanted to give the opportunity to share and sell what they can do on this website.

Victor Martin (COO & Co-Founder). MSc Mechanical Engineering & MSc Motorsport Engineering

Victor has worked for multinational companies like British Petroleum and Jaguar Land Rover. Victor developed an interest for 3D printing after witnessing the endless potential applications in Engineering and he is certain that 3D technologies like 3D Printing or scanning will shape our future and help us overcome new challenges moving forward.


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